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    * Document: Opposition Agreement (1998)

    Vydáno dne 01. 01. 2005 (1790 přečtení)

    Agreement on Creation Stable Political Environment signed between Czech Social Democratic Party and Civic Democratic Party (so called "Opposition Agreement", 1998)


    The above-named parties, aware of the danger of political instability and in the interest of preserving basic democratic principles, aware of the responsibility given them by voters, aware of the responsibility for securing long-term stability in the Czech Republic and for continuing the economic and societal transformation begun in 1989, and aware further of their responsibility for the global standing of the Czech Republic, conclude among themselves this agreement for the formation of a stable political environment in the Czech Republic. This agreement sets out the procedural issues of the relations of the parties to the agreement.


    The above-named parties commit themselves to respect the right of the party which emerged victorious in elections to form a government and will express this respect by the nonparticipation of MPs of the second party during the vote of confidence in the government.


    The above-named parties commit themselves to respect the right of the party which finished second in the elections to be the opposition to this government and further respect the resulting position defined in the following points.


    The above-named parties commit themselves to respect the right of the opposition party to occupy the chairmanships of both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and will express this respect by voting for the candidates proposed by the opposition party.


    The above-named parties commit themselves to proceed through mutual agreement in the installation of the organs of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.


    The above-named parties commit themselves to respect the right of the opposition parties to hold the positions of the leading organs of the Chamber of Deputies (the Commission for Oversight of the Intelligence Service, the Commission for Oversight of Military Defence Intelligence), the Chairmanship of the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Presidency of the Supreme Audit Office either directly or by means of a non-party member nominated by the opposition party.


    The above-named parties commit themselves during the course of the electoral term of the Chamber of Deputies not to raise a vote of no-confidence in the government nor to utilise constitutional channels leading to the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies and if such proposals are raised by another political subject they will not support them by vote. In the case of voting on individual laws (including the budget) the above-named parties are not bound in any way.


    The above-named parties commit themselves to present within 12 months of signing this agreement a proposal of such amendments to the Constitution of the Czech Republic and other laws that more clearly define the powers of constitutional organs, the procedure of their installation, and in harmony with the constitutional principles of the Czech Republic strengthen the significance of the outcome of the competition of political parties.


    The above-named parties commit themselves on the basis of the request of the chairman of these parties or the parliamentary chairmen of these parties to consultations over the means of resolving foreign policy and domestic policy issues before their debate in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, bearing always in mind stability, prosperity and the global stature of the Czech Republic.


    The above-named parties will commit themselves for the duration of this agreement not to form a coalition or agreement with a third political party which would mean the admittance of this party to the government or would lead to the replacement of the holder of any of the posts specified by this agreement. They further commit themselves to not form a lasting agreement with a third party on voting in the Parliament of the Czech Republic and further not to propose a non-party member as a member of government without preliminary consultation.


    This agreement is revocable in the case of violation of any of its points. In the case that one of the parties comes to the conclusion that the agreement is not fulfilled in its main points and that there arise reasons for its revocation, it will request the calling of reconciliation proceedings to which each of the parties delegates three fully empowered representatives. The aim of the reconciliation proceedings is to achieve a resolution of the controversy while preserving the validity of the agreement. The appropriate organs of both political parties will debate proposals for resolution arising in the reconciliation proceedings and will accept a final opinion with which it will first acquaint the second party to the agreement.

    Signed in Prague, on July 9th 1998


    Source: Roberts, Andrew. Demythologising the Czech Opposition Agreement. In: Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 55, No. 8. (Dec., 2003), pp. 1273-1303.

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