Document: Law on the Founding of Czechoslovakia (1918)

Autor: Petr Just, Téma: , Vydáno dne: 01. 01. 2005

The independent Czechoslovak State has come into being. In order that continuity should be preserved between the juridicial order hitherto existing and the new regime, in order that no confusion may arise and that there may be an undisturbed transition to the new life of the State, the National Committee, as executor of the State supremacy, enacts as follows on behalf of the Czechoslovak nation:

Article I

The State form of the Czechoslovak State will be decided by the National Assembly in agreement with the Czechoslovak National Council in Paris as bodies expressing the unanimous will of the nation. Before this is done, the State supremacy will be exercised by the National Committee.

Article II

All imperial and provincial laws will continue to remain in force until further notice.

Article III

All autonomous bodies, all State, district, municipal, and local institutions are answerable to the National Commitee, and until further notice they will continue to carry out their duties in accordance with the existing laws and regulations.

Article IV

This law comes into force from today onwards.

Article V

The presidential board of the national Committee will be responsible for the carrying out of this law.

Prague, October 28,1918.

Antonín Švehla
Dr. František Soukup
Dr. Alois Rašín
Dr. Vavro Šrobár
Jiří Stříbrný